Social Security disability

If you can no longer work due to a personal injury or illness, you may have applied for Social Security Disability. If your results are like most, your claim was denied. Some people give up once a denial has been issued and assume they won’t ever receive compensation. A better alternative is to hire an attorney and a law firm with experience obtaining Social Security Disability benefits. At Fletcher Van Gilder, Lindsay D. Solon focuses her legal practice on achieving Social Security Disability benefits for individuals who have been denied a claim. Working closely with an attorney who will explain your rights and options can help you make decisions that are in your best interests. Contact our firm today to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.

There is no fee unless your disability claim is approved.

Our firm has helped hundreds of individuals in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas receive Social Security Disability income. If you choose our law firm and Lindsay D. Solon as your attorney, you will benefit from an attorney who:

  • Understands the Social Security disability evaluation process
  • Offers competent and compassionate representation at every stage of a disability claim
  • Is well-versed in medical terminology and experienced in analyzing medical records to see how you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits
  • Knows how to obtain additional medical information, diagnoses and opinions that will help entitle you to benefits
  • Is extremely detail oriented and meticulous in filing the necessary paperwork
  • Has built a referral network from other law firms as other attorneys trust her, and trust our law firm to assist their clients with Social Security disability claims

Social Security Disability Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering applying for Social Security Disability benefits, or if you are appealing a denial of benefits, it is important to understand the SSA’s approval process. In addition to meeting the definition of “disabled” and fulfilling the earnings requirements that the Social Security Administration dictates, you must present a convincing and organized claim. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney from Fletcher Van Gilder LLP can offer insight and guidance in your pursuit of benefits.

Read our FAQ page to learn more about your benefits.

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