Securities litigation

Fletcher Van Gilder LLP has extensive experience in the area of securities litigation. Our lawyers have handled a wide range of cases on behalf of investors who have been the victims of violations of the Indiana Securities Act, federal securities laws, and the securities laws of several other states.

The law provides protections for individuals who purchase investment products in violation of the securities laws. In many situations the parties involved in investment transactions are unaware that they must comply with requirements of these laws. Furthermore, even if sellers are aware of the securities laws, they often fail to comply.

Our securities litigators have helped individuals recover their investments involving a variety of transactions, including:

  • The purchase of stock in a corporation
  • Investments in limited partnerships or limited liability companies
  • Viatical contracts
  • Oil and gas leases

Because we understand the requirements of the securities laws, we are able to identify violations and help clients pursue the recovery of their investment.

Finally, because of the knowledge and experience we have developed representing investors, we are often called on to defend sellers who are accused of violating the securities laws.


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